#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews – Get Carta

Okay, if this is catching you a little late, or my pros isn’t as fluid as usual, it’s because I stayed up to watch the Superbowl last night. Not going to spoiler it for friends who DVR’d, Tivo’d or are waiting for Catch-Up TV, all I’ll say is that it was a great game which I thoroughly enjoyed…even if I still wanna take a nap.

Now on to the positive things you may have missed if, like me, your weekend has been busy and filled with Patriots & Seahawks. The British Museum is helping celebrate the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta by bringing the remaining 4 copies of this most ancient of documents together. I know for some readers English History may be a bit vague, and if I mention King John then the image that pops into your head may well be of Robin Hood. Now, like John or not, and with the barons involved the whole period of history is morally a bit murky, this document is the establishing of rights and privileges for the common man which, in many ways, still underpins the sense of liberty we have in Britain and will have been an inspiration to the founding fathers of the United States and very probably a great many others. An amazing piece of history and well worth seeing if you get the chance. Speaking of fundamental rights, building on the announcement, last week, that they will allow Same-Sex Union, Chile now seem to be moving to dismantle the total ban on abortions.

Going through the news and seeing so many experiencing the sort of hope, peace or liberty I can take for granted is humbling and a reminder of how amazingly privileged I am. If you’re having a dark day I hope these stories make things a bit brighter and help illuminate the path trod by those who wrote Magna Carta and the millions who try each day to make this world a little better. 😀

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