Tough Mudder Journal Equipment Review

Today sees the big reveal on the new Tough Mudder Obstacles for 2016, with the ominously named Blockness Monster, Backstabber and more. Well, I’ve already signed up for Tough Mudder London South 2016 but before the training begins in earnest, to remove any holiday excesses, here is my review of the gear that got me […]
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Alex’s Tough Mudder Journal #6 – Getting Very Real

Well, week to go and all the training is over. Some yoga, swimming, and climbing to keep me loose as we head into the last few days. How has the training gone? Well getting to the end of the training programme and seeing the words primal movements as a circuit and having been doing that […]
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Alex’s Tough Mudder Journal #5

So it’s off to the Midlands this weekend to indulge in some welcome fun with Profound Decisions’ EMPIRE Live Roleplay System. It may not be a skating work out but I’m sure Coach would approve of the armour plated insanity that the weekend will bring. A chance to see good friends and hopefully find a […]
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Alex’s Tough Mudder Journal #4 – T Minus 100

Well it’s T minus 100 until the London South Tough Mudder and it’s fair to say I’m a little nervous. When I did the London Marathon back in 2004 it’s fair to say that the distance was just a number until I got to the start. Now, years old, and may be a little wiser, […]
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Alex’s Tough Mudder Journal #3

Okay, we’re a few months in now and the training appears to be working. Well, I’m slimmer if not lighter (tries to hide his diet planner) and the cardio work is coming along to the point that I’m looking at some trail running routes around Sheffield and graduating from the Muddling Bootcamp up to the […]
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Alex’s Tough Mudder Journal #2

2 weeks in, and while my fitness is improving I’ve picked up a very nasty cold. So while I’m having a bit of an enforced rest it’s time to talk a little about what I’m doing and why. Okay, for the uninitiated Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile obstacle race which was first held in […]
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Alex’s Tough Mudder Journal #1

I have to admit that 2014 was really hard for me. Buying a home, getting married and getting a cat were all amazing but when the bad dog bit he bit incredibly hard in. After a brilliant final year playing for the Tamworth Phoenix in 2013 I found it incredibly hard to keep up the […]
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Platinum Holiday

With the Platinum Jubilee in the UK and being away for a Holiday Next Week Reasons 2B Cheerful is on hold.

Last Week’s Top #R2BC 30th May

It’s always fun to see what catches people’s attention over the past week on Silicon Nomad…

Last Week’s Top #R2BC 23rd May

here are Last Week’s Top Reasons 2B Cheerful as selected by Silicon Nomad subscribers over on Facebook…

This Week’s Top #R2BC

It has been a while since I’ve stepped onto this page…

#R2BC Changing Formats

Something’s Gotta Give My Reasons to be Cheerful project has been running for nearly 5 years and, while I think I have proven an important point about editorial policies and news content, I have bills to pay and a family to look after. So I will be dropping the weekday digests. What Happens Next? This […]
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#R2BC Holiday Hiatus

Hi all, Just to let you know that the Nomad is going wandering with family for a while. #R2BC will be back before the end of August. 😀 Stay Positive Folks.

#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews

Former Al-Qaeda hostage talks about Being Released after 6 Years Female Vice-Presidents Appointed in Iran Menstrual Banishment Criminalised in Nepal Pioneering Type 1 Diabetes Treatment Safe Study Shows Hundreds More surviving Hear Failure in England & Wales UK Home Repossessions fall to New Low Winged Mammals flew 160 Million Years Ago France trailing Solar Road […]
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#R2BC Tuesday’s #GoodNews

UK Barley Crop being sent to help Drought hit Farms in Europe First Echosound Images of Scapa Flow Battleship Wreck ONS Report shows Strong Mutual Links between the UK and France Antigua Celebrates 60 Years of Carnival House-Building in Northern Ireland sees Growth MP using her own Wages to help fight Fly-Tippers Rare Pink Rainbow […]
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#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews

After winning WBO’s Oriental Super Middleweight Belt, Indian Boxer, offers it back to his Chinese Opponent in a Gesture of Peace Physicist Designs Birth Control App Gold Nanoparticles could Boost Drugs treating Lung Cancer Satellite Firm looking to Create jobs in Snowdonia British Army training Gamekeepers to combat Poaching in Gabon New Grass Snake Species […]
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#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews

Clincal Trial hints that Parkinson’s can be Stopped UK Pledges £100m to Fight Polio Nano Aluminium gives hope to Fuel Cells £15m Boost for Cities in Northern England 70 Years of Edinburgh’s Festivals RBS Returns to Profit US Economy created 209 000 jobs in July Toyota & Mazda to invest $1.6m in new US Car […]
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