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Miscellaneous fun and frolics.

Platinum Holiday

With the Platinum Jubilee in the UK and being away for a Holiday Next Week Reasons 2B Cheerful is on hold.

Last Week’s Top #R2BC 30th May

It’s always fun to see what catches people’s attention over the past week on Silicon Nomad…

Last Week’s Top #R2BC 23rd May

here are Last Week’s Top Reasons 2B Cheerful as selected by Silicon Nomad subscribers over on Facebook…

#R2BC Changing Formats

Something’s Gotta Give My Reasons to be Cheerful project has been running for nearly 5 years and, while I think I have proven an important point about editorial policies and news content, I have bills to pay and a family to look after. So I will be dropping the weekday digests. What Happens Next? This […]
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#R2BC Holiday Hiatus

Hi all, Just to let you know that the Nomad is going wandering with family for a while. #R2BC will be back before the end of August. 😀 Stay Positive Folks.

Half Term Hiatus

Just to let folks know. Nothing is wrong. It’s just a little holiday time with the family 🙂

#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews

Sometimes it can be easy to forget a wider world, finding ourselves in an echo chamber or social bubble, blind to the outside world. Today, I am amazed as, we find a Roman link to Africa in Leicester and a  link between Dark Age Britain and Syria. For Thousands of years the world has been connected […]
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#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews

Keeping busy. Keeping it short. Enjoy: Killer Fungal Infection Cure Hope Robot Lifeguard starts work off Shell Island UK and Argentina to start new relationship over the Falklands European Commission plans Free Wi-Fi in Public Spaces Star’s Dust Cloud gives birth to Planet Hawaiian Crow joins Tool Using Elite WWI Tank in Trafalgar Square to […]
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A Little Delay

Due to some technical issues,  Reasons to be Cheerful and Silicon Nomad may be offline for a couple of days.  Please bear with us. 

#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews

Perhaps not as momentous as some of the news of recent by the fact that early research shows that Ibuprofen and the cancer drug Toremifene may disable the Ebola virus is certainly worth smiling about. Hope you’re having a good day. £135m secured for Major Social Housing Scheme Research shows that Ibuprofen may help Disable […]
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