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via@BBCNews Swear on your XBox1 & risk your XBoxLive Account?!

via@BBCNews Swear on your XBox1 & risk your XBoxLive Account?! Okay I can see this putting some backs up.A LOT of the key features on the XBox One are only supported if you’re an Xbox Live Subscriber.With different nationalities and communities having very different attitudes to use of language and what is actually offensive on […]
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#Xbox vs #Sony @PlayStation Console Wars – Should we be looking at a different battle?

This week has seen a awful lot of chatter around the latest round of the console wars. The early salvos have already been fired with Nintendo announcing a graceful bowing out of the fight in a Sega-esk manner to concentrate on games development over hardware as Xbox & Sony break out the brass knuckles. After […]
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Who’s Watching – Privacy in the World of Google Glass & XBox One

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ad

Kevin Smith & Friend on new DC fighting Game. Thanks to Whatsyourtag for posting. Sharing as have a Kitten who’ll go mad for this