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#R2BC Thursday’s Good News Digest

Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela. On this note you I highly recommend listening to Mr Henry Rollins on the subject of South Africa and Nelson Mandela (starts about 17 minutes but honestly listen to whole thing it’s brilliant).

#R2BC Monday’s Good News Digest – Punching Above Our Weight

Well the sunshine seems to have brought out some incredible news. Admittedly the wins for Andy Murray and the GB Lions are grabbing the headlines, but we shouldn’t forget that Great Britain is also celebrating these sporting achievements:- 3 EU Golds for British Boxers Chris Froome extends Tour lead to 1m25secs Dramatic European Basketball Championship […]
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#R2BC Thurday’s Good News Digest – If you have your health

Well it’s the 4th of July and the 6 month anniversary of the #R2BC project. Today’s stories seem to be mostly health themed. So health and happiness to you all.