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#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews

HAPPY MONDAY FOLKS! Okay, John Oliver and the people at Last Week Tonight think that everything is better with Zebras, especially Zebras that help people cross the road. My favourite news story from the weekend? Has to be the new Muppet coming to Sesame Street. It’s great to see one of my favourite kids’ shows is […]
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#R2BC Wednesday’s #GoodNews

Focusing on Family at the moment, so while I listen to the sweet music of my new family, enjoy this from Mozart and Salieri. Lost Mozart & Salieri Composition Played in Prague Aid Arrives in Besieged Syrian Towns 3 Hostages released in Iraq Study may help Humans Regrow Teeth Birds’ White Blood could be Key […]
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#R2BC Thurday’s #GoodNews – Sans Frontières

“Without Borders” is the theme today, not just because of Journalists Without Borders, or Earth welcoming 3 Astronauts home from the ISS but mostly of some of the fascinating stories that I’ve found through Associated Press and Reuters. Reasons to be Cheerful started with the idea that, while news bulletins may be full of suffering, […]
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