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#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews

As a sci-fi and fantasy fan, I know I am not alone, in feeling a little frustrated in how slow my favourite genres have been to keep pace with social change. It’s ironic that genres which, so often, give us the ability to explore sensitive social issues can so often drag their feet on issues […]
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X-Files Outfoxed?

As a Geek I will admit to many fandoms and one of my longest addictions has been as an X-Phile. The first 9 Seasons have been welcome companions on many of my travels, including helping keep me together when I was working overseas. To this day I smile when I see Mitch Pileggi, William Davis or […]
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Who’s Right? Whose Wrong? Is My Doctor Who Back?

PLEASE BE AWARE THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE DEALS WITH ISSUES OF EMOTIONAL ABUSE. THIS CAN BE A TRIGGER ISSUE FOR SOME READERS. PLEASE TAKE CARE WITH THE FOLLOWING CONTENT NB POSSIBLE SEASON 9 1st Episode Spoilers Just before Christmas last year I published a blog about, my growing concerns about, Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who. Nothing […]
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#FarscapeMovie definitely in the Works

Show co-creator Rockne O’Bannon has confirmed that a Farscape Movie is in Production. When Farscape hit our screens it was some of the most original science fiction we had seen. The involvement of Jim Henson’s Creature Workshop helped bring an incredible world of alien creatures to vivid life. Really looking forward to this one.

@perlmutations wants the Internet to help #Hellboy3 Happen. #LetsWakeTheBaby

As a comic fan I’ve been helping to push the support for Matt Ryan and the Constantine Series. Often amazing things only happen because people push for the things they believe in. I’ve been a huge fan of Ron Perlman’s work for years, from watching ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as a kid to watching his […]
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#R2BC Saturday’s #GoodNews – AKA the New Friday for a Day

Apologies for missing R2BC yesterday but, with this having been half term, my priority has really been on my family. Today saw a lovely trip to Leeds Royal Armouries, which was made a huge amount of fun by the happening upon SWASH 2014 and in particularly a, fascinating, lecture about swordsmithing from Danelli Armouries. The […]
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#SciFi #FarscapeMovie in Script Stage!

If you’ve not seen Farscape then it’s definitely worth looking up on NetFlix. One of the most original sci-fi series with effects from Jim Henson’s Creature Workshop. The show that helped launch the careers of stars like Claudia Black a movie to celebrate the adventures of the Leviathan Moya and her crew has been long […]
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@BattleSystemsTWS Taking #Tabletop to a different level

A rare occurence today. A random ad posted up in my Facebook feed actually coughed up something interesting and relevant. Now this is about wargaming and tabletop RPGs so if Videogaming is your thing…well watch the video as it’s damned interesting. I’ve been gaming for years, and few kids won’t have memories of playing with […]
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#PacRim #Honesttrailer Dumbest Awesome Movie? Hell Yeah. Bring on the Sequel! via @Wired

Found this on Wired.com and have to say that I nodded with agreement and giggled all the way through (well apart from the bits where they didn’t pay attention to the plot explanations that were totally in the movie…honest) And I think you should too. 🙂