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#R2BC Tuesday’s #GoodNews

As regular readers will know, here at Chez Nomad we are BIG fans of science and technology. Today the folks at MIT have revealed designs for a material with 5% the density of steel but 10 times its strength. This is truly amazing, especially as the research has dramatically increased our understanding of the importance […]
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#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews – Drifting…

Well with Jamaica making it to Sochi in the bobsled with the help of public support, it’s great to see Kenya, Togo and Zimbabwe also ,a href=”http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-25861305″ target=”_blank”>making their mark on Olympic History. 😀 We#re also seeing the potential start of peace in Syria, South Sudan and potentially even in Korea. Hope you find some […]
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#R2BC Wednesday’s Good News Digest – Cat In Starring Role

Keeping it quick today. But Look A CAT! UK envoy makes First Iran Visit Royal Mail & CWU reach deal Climber stable after Ciarngorms fall UK unveils infrastructure spending Pump provides liver disease relief Exercise for good dementia therapy UK Services growth remains strong Business rate rises to be capped Bicyles outsell cars in EU […]
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