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New Single from @Prof_elemental celebrate #Saturday #FTW

New Single from @Prof_elemental celebrate #Saturday #FTW Chaphop Champion Professor Elemental is back with a new single with Crespo celebrating the very best of the weekend. While more mainstream than the Professors notable offerings such as Cup of Brown Joy, Fighting Trousers & I’m British, Everyday’s a Saturday¬†is fun with a smooth flow to ease […]
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#TwitterYuleBall2013 Joyous celebrations on the shortest day with @ERBofHistory

Joyous Yuletide to one and all as we celebrate the Northern Hemisphere getting some more sunshine. Great vid from ERB. Not sure if this tops Snoop Dog and Santa vs Moses but a wonderful homage to a Dickens classic. Enjoy.

Tweet from @professorelemental plus @KeyandPeele back on @ERBofHistory #SuperSweet

Okay Season 3 keeps getting better and better. While this one may not have the costuming and the stunning production values we’ve seen so far but the flow and chemistry were definitely there. I remeber Key & Peele doing one of my favourite ERBs of Season 2 with Ghandi vs Martin Luther King Jnr. (http://bit.ly/1kal9P6) %5B…%5D
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