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4 Years?!

It’s kind of ironic that as R2BC hits its 4-Year-Anniversary as a blog is on the day that the plot of Blade Runner is meant to take place. Well, I hope that this blog has more than a 4-Year Lifespan. Please enjoy one of my favourite movie quotes, one of my favourite songs and some […]
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#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews

Back in 2016 we saw the possibility of a large part of Patagonia becoming a National Park, after the death of North Face Co-Founder Douglas Tompkins. That possibility is now a reality as Tompkins’ Widow agrees to donate the land to become a Chilean National Park. If that wasn’t enough, today has a bumper crop […]
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Ah-haaarrrr setting sales on Piracy – Greenheart Games, Morality Lessons & Piracy in Videogames

Illegal copying and online Piracy is nothing new and with us entering an age of increasingly digital distribution, piracy is, has been and likely increasingly will be an issue. While, I personally believe that there are plenty of other issues facing the games industry, I can’t deny a smile at seeing the brave boys at […]
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