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#R2BC Tuesday’s #GoodNews

Some interesting stories today, probably a little padded by the fact that I was away over the end of last week. Hope you enjoy, the news about Snowdonia and the limits being set on sonar harmful to marine mammals is very good to hear. With my Tough Mudder Coming up fast be sure to watch […]
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#R2BC Wednesdays Good News Digest – Did you remember to wave?

Well I hope everyone remembered to smile on Friday Night as Cassini took some images of Saturn’s rings and the Earth photobombed. As a team from a British university work on a plan for a manned mission to Mars, 73 Burmese political prisoners celebrate a more down to earth kind of freedom.Check-out some more reasons […]
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#R2BC Thursday’s Good News Digest – Square Wheel? Not a Problem

Utterly surreal Shark Wheel for Skateboards. Man reinvents wheel, makes it square, it actually rolls better?! WTF Well another example of amazing innovation and someone following a dream to support a hobby they love. Wierd, wonderful and made me grin so here I am sharing. 🙂 In good news for people like me who link […]
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