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#Bitcoin Explained.

A video explaining the workings of this increasingly powerful online currency

The Real #DigitalHuman from @BBCRadio4

With the new series going live I’m been meaning to give this show another plug as it’s well worth a listen. Genuine insight into the world of modern online communication and relationships. The received wisdom of social networks & online relationships can never be as genuine or real as meeting someone face to face. Aleks […]
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Digital Human – Isolation in a Digital World

Digital Human – Isolation in a Digital World Really interesting program from Alex Krotoski looking at Isolation in the Digital World. The truth about digital interactions, what helps us connect, the support it brings and the good and the bad of being on your own. Very interesting and uplifting listen. 🙂

Free2Play not so free?

Having worked in the games industry and in particular around Free To Play (or Freemium, F2P or microtransaction) games the  story that the Office of Fair Trading is to take a look into Mobile & iPad games where children have been running up large bills sometimes into the hundreds, if not thousands of pounds really […]
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Behind the Code – An Alternative view on video games

I’ve always liked comics and games, as a kid I read 2000AD and saw the birth of the video games industry. I’m lucky enough be part of a generation to see the growth of Anime, classic cell animation and the birth of computer graphics as both a media and art form. Nothing much has changed […]
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