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#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews

Court Victory for Standing Rock EU Mobile Roaming Charges Scrapped Virtual Reality helping Ease Dental Pain Welsh Teenage Pregnancies halved in the Last Decade World’s Longest Aircraft reaches Higher Acrobat Breaking Niagra Falls Record Viking Hoard goes on Display in Edinburgh Balloon Syndrome Hedgehog set for Full Recovery Grimethorpe Colliery Band to be Honoured with […]
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#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNew

Kevin Smith famously said in the movie Dogma, “even God has a sense of humour. Just look at the Platypus.” As my favourite egg laying, semi-aquatic mammal the Platypus may now help the world with treating Diabetes. So, we are reminded not to judge books by their covers and that even after a lifetime of […]
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#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews – Tolerance

Family commitments have me keeping this short but if there’s one piece of news that jumps out it’s the new online class by 5 Professors at Harvard. Having studied different religions and faiths, they can bring communities together, bring love, encourage people to help those less fortunate, give structure to lives and help us be […]
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Modular Mobile becoming a Reality #Technology #Cellphone

For those who remember the Phonebloks idea that appeared last year. Googles Project Ara is in the prototype stages bringing tailor made mobiles to the masses.

#R2BC Friday Good News Digest

Well the weekend is here again and this Sunday see s the Tamworth Phoenix in action against the Leeds Rams (Kick Off at 1430h at Lichfield Rugby Club on Sunday) 🙂 With a Bank Holiday weekend in prospect here are some sunny stories including news about an insect sized flying robot. World’s smallest flying robot […]
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