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Ah-haaarrrr setting sales on Piracy – Greenheart Games, Morality Lessons & Piracy in Videogames

Illegal copying and online Piracy is nothing new and with us entering an age of increasingly digital distribution, piracy is, has been and likely increasingly will be an issue. While, I personally believe that there are plenty of other issues facing the games industry, I can’t deny a smile at seeing the brave boys at […]
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#R2BC Monday is just another day & today it makes me smile

As I found out last week, sometimes looking for the good news out there can be very hard. You end up wading hip deep through some of the worst horrors in the world. Sometimes things aren’t that bad, it’s just the language that pulls us to the darkness and asks us not to recognise the […]
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Free2Play not so free?

Having worked in the games industry and in particular around Free To Play (or Freemium, F2P or microtransaction) games the  story that the Office of Fair Trading is to take a look into Mobile & iPad games where children have been running up large bills sometimes into the hundreds, if not thousands of pounds really […]
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