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#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews

Okay, short and sweet, as for some reason I’ve convinced myself that running 11+ miles cross country with some obstacles for laughs will be fun…again. Favourite today? Well we’ve always know the English were a little queer. 😉 Have a great weekend. FARC gives ‘Unanimous Approval’ of Colombian Peace Deal 25-Year-Old becomes the Youngest, 1st […]
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#R2BC Friday’s #G00dNews

The big news, sports wise anyway, seems to all be coming from the Taekwondo mats. As a Brit it’s great to see Jade Jones retain her title. However, it’s the news that Iran has seen their 1st female Olympic medal winner, and Jordan its 1st ever Olympic medal winner that has me smiling. It can […]
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#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews

Now, to be fair I don’t usually do Reasons to be Cheerful on Bank Holidays but somehow today seemed right. Great news from Iran as the country continues it’s journey back into the international community, after the shocking scenes of 2009’s elections it’s great to see a record number of women being elected. A long […]
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