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#R2BC Thurday’s #GoodNews – Sans Frontières

“Without Borders” is the theme today, not just because of Journalists Without Borders, or Earth welcoming 3 Astronauts home from the ISS but mostly of some of the fascinating stories that I’ve found through Associated Press and Reuters. Reasons to be Cheerful started with the idea that, while news bulletins may be full of suffering, […]
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#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews – Courage

A sad day and a joyous day. Remembering all those that fell and being grateful for the freedoms that we now take for granted. Courage, strength and hope in the news today. Seems appropriate. Students disarm Seattle University Gunman Russia releases Greenpeace vessel Afghan candidate survives car bomb Sleep’s memory role discovered US Senators agree […]
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#R2BC Tuesday’s #GoodNews Digest – While Eyes are Elsewhere

Well understandably eyes around the world are watching South Africa and remembering the life of a man and the influence he had on the “Rainbow Nation”. Like all great men, well like anybody, there is good and bad that can be said but if he showed the world anything it is the power of forgiveness. […]
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#R2BC Friday’s Good News Digest

A different angle on the bad math out there. 🙂 Also a BIG plug for Robot Safari at the Science Museum London which a friend of mine helped to set-up.I hope everyone enjoys these articles

#R2BC Wednesday’s Good News Digest – The Home of Enlightenment

While most of the world talks about the possibilities and limitations of Scottish Independence I managed to find a small moment of calm as archeologists have found the “first” buddhist temple. And with a moment of peace anything can seem possible. A new round of peace talks is announced in Geneva and with potential support […]
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#R2BC Friday’s Good News Digest – 20 Things You Should Know

Listening to Radio 4 last night I heard about an article in Nature about 20 things Politicians, or anyone, should know about or consider when assessing Science.I’ve found a copy online in the Guardian. Well worth a read for any inquisitive minds. May be they’ll help you when taking in these stories?

#R2BC Wednesday’s Good News Digest

Doing this every work day can be hard at times, especially when you go through all the bad stories to find the positive. Particularly when it’s cold and wintery outside, but I honestly think it’s worth it.I hope these help bring a brighter moment to your day.

#R2BC Tuesday’s Good News Digest – Thinking Warm Thoughts

Well here in the UK it’s suddenly got awfully cold and frosty. With temperatures in the minus figures for many and snow for some I thought I’d hunt out for a silver lining. Well at the moment GIANT snow globes seem to be the answer, whether it’s from Google… Or Lego… Even Eros is getting […]
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#R2BC Thurday’s Good News Digest 20131024

The Pacific Rim video just makes me smile as not everything that makes you happy has to be pretty, delicate or complicated. Sometimes the right answer is a simple one, and with life being full of complex or unanswerable questions and problems, something simple can bring great pleasure. Like Primark stepping up payments to victims […]
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