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#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews

WOW!!¬†Bumper batch of good news from the weekend. Solar Impulse’s progress is great, can’t complain about the great news about rescued women and children, and one of the largest insurers in the world ending its investment in tobacco¬†is certainly good to hear. However, the stories making me grin appeal to the gamer in me. First, […]
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Some victories ^_^ Another game on the completed list #FTW #Mario #NintendoHard

A session of d20 Modern going to plan and then putting a Super Mario game to the sword. Silly things that can give great pleasure.

A different perspective on violence & #videogames from @DavidLeeBBC

A different perspective on violence & #videogames from @DavidLeeBBC Very interesting article showing a link between violence & videogames in the most unexpected of places.Researchers found that frustration, aggression and violent urges were inspired by poor game design and that the content of the game, be it violent or not, had very little impact. An […]
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