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Alex’s Tough Mudder Journal #6 – Getting Very Real

Well, week to go and all the training is over. Some yoga, swimming, and climbing to keep me loose as we head into the last few days. How has the training gone? Well getting to the end of the training programme and seeing the words primal movements as a circuit and having been doing that […]
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Alex’s Tough Mudder Journal #4 – T Minus 100

Well it’s T minus 100 until the London South Tough Mudder and it’s fair to say I’m a little nervous. When I did the London Marathon back in 2004 it’s fair to say that the distance was just a number until I got to the start. Now, years old, and may be a little wiser, […]
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Alex’s Tough Mudder Journal #3

Okay, we’re a few months in now and the training appears to be working. Well, I’m slimmer if not lighter (tries to hide his diet planner) and the cardio work is coming along to the point that I’m looking at some trail running routes around Sheffield and graduating from the Muddling Bootcamp up to the […]
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