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Last Week’s Top #R2BC 23rd May

here are Last Week’s Top Reasons 2B Cheerful as selected by Silicon Nomad subscribers over on Facebook…

#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews

  Facebook to pay Millions of Pounds in Tax to UK University College, London Researchers may have found Cancer’s Achillies Heel Zika Vaccine could be ready for human testing later this Year Hubble sets Cosmic Distance Record Italian Workers freed in Libya Nearly 250,000 US jobs created in February Thousands Sign-Up to help save Cardiff […]
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#R2BC #Monday’s #GoodNews Digest – What Once Was Lost

If you ever needed a good news story for a Monday morning this surely fits the bill. A little girl left her Teddy Bear on an East Coast train and a nice lady saved the bear and ran a social media campaign to return the much loved fuzzy friend to their Human. We are overjoyed […]
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#R2BC – Looking for positive news links, pages & #Blogs #HALP!

Hi, As part of the ongoing #R2BC Project I’m looking for links for Silicon Nomad’s brand new links page. Can you help? If you know of a good site for finding genuinely cheerful and positive news please let me know. Tweet, FB Message, Comment just get in touch. Prefer genuine news over human interest stuff […]
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Helpful advice for locking down your Facebook

Helpful advice for locking down your Facebook Helpful article from the guys at wired about how to keep your facebook under control. Want to keep past comments and posts in the past?Here’s how.

#R2BC Wednesday’s Good News Digest – What Price a Free Meal

Welcome to Wednesday! Got a new follow yesterday from the guys at the Iran English Radio Blog. I hope you guys get Twitter & Facebook back soon, Monday was good news but losing the connection soon afterwards is harsh. So as a quick hello to my new friends in the Middle East and a BIG […]
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#R2BC Tuesday’s Good News Digest – Express Yourself

Been moved by some Pearl Jam today. Eddie Vedder and the boys have a habit of lifting my higher when I’m not paying attention so I thought I’d share this one today. Another great day for cheerful news, as Iran and the West seem to be making peaceful overtures to each other normal Iranians get […]
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#R2BC Thursday’s Good News Digest – Square Wheel? Not a Problem

Utterly surreal Shark Wheel for Skateboards. Man reinvents wheel, makes it square, it actually rolls better?! WTF Well another example of amazing innovation and someone following a dream to support a hobby they love. Wierd, wonderful and made me grin so here I am sharing. 🙂 In good news for people like me who link […]
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7 Days is all she wrote, a kind of ultimatum note

#Reasons2BCheerful Well Week 1 of my blog going out to the Big bad world of the internet. This is an idea that grew out of a frustration at some modern media, grew into something to do on my Facebook and after 1 week has likes, views and followers and mostly from people I haven’t met […]
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Free2Play not so free?

Having worked in the games industry and in particular around Free To Play (or Freemium, F2P or microtransaction) games the  story that the Office of Fair Trading is to take a look into Mobile & iPad games where children have been running up large bills sometimes into the hundreds, if not thousands of pounds really […]
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