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#R2BC Friday’s Good News Digest – Making a Difference

Prowling the BBC News Website today and found a story about the above project looking to help homeless veterans in the US. To then see this post from Design Taxi about a project in Canada about providing help and raising awareness for the homeless struck a definite chord with me. I won’t deny that this […]
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#R2BC Wednesday’s Good News Digest – Back from the Developer

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you might remember back in July someone had the idea of the Day the Earth Smiled. For those used to digital cameras waiting for your prints to come will be a new sensation but the image is back from Cassini. Remember to post this to Social […]
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#R2BC Monday’s Good News Digest – Not so scary?

For anyone wondering where R2BC went last week, yours truly was celebrating with friends and family as I do every year and while my All Hallows Eve was relatively sedate the above video shows what happens when a bunch of NASA rocket scientists compete at pumpkin carving. Crazy, scary, ingenious, and certain to entertain. With […]
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#R2BC Monday’s Good News Digest – Little Gems

For those wondering where I disappeared to, I have been struck down by an awful lurge, but I’m back and fighting for the good news!! Looking through today much of news seems be about hidden treasures or improving economic prospects so it’s all about sparks and little glimmers today. Yes, I could have goe with […]
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#R2BC Wednesday’s Good News Digest – Healthy Napping?

We’ll it’s official, sleep boosts your brain cells so I’m keeping this short as I go for a power nap with Mr Cuddles. Enjoy folks!