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#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews

Being based in the UK, today is very important as we have several elections happening. If you’re reading this then please exercise your right to vote. It has direct effect on your local community and is perhaps the most powerful thing you can do next to standing for office yourself. Around the world we have […]
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#R2BC #WTF & #FTW This could be amazing news for Alzheimers sufferers

#R2BC #WTF & #FTW This could be amazing news for Alzheimers sufferers Article in the new Scientist discusses the growing body of evidence that Alzheimers sufferers could be late stage Type 2 Diabetes

#R2BC Friday’s Good News Digest – The Beatitudes

Came across this song from Macklemore of Thrift Shop fame. So often in music, and hip hop in particular, we hear protest expressed as rage so it’s wonderful to hear wisedom expressed softly and with love. i chose beatitudes as today’s title as so many of the stories I’ve come across today follow that theme […]
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#R2BC Tuesday’s Good News Digest – Kicking Tapas, Taking Nombres #RestoretheRoar

Great start for the Great British Lions in Milan. First Game against Spain went 58-6 with plenty of highlight real for some good friends and amazing athletes. Brad Thompson, Adam Hope, Dan Conroy & Jack Daley not to mention the man, the legend Matt Davis with a fumble recovery. Work just starting as the boys […]
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#R2BC Monday’s Good News Digest – Ow, maybe just a little

Well we always knew that somethings end with a bump, and there are days that will require you to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and proceed to put one foot in front of the other. After a hard fought 29-20 loss to the East Kilbride Pirates, more miles of driving than I care to […]
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