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What the Blazers!? Help #SaveConstantine!

With the popularity of comic book inspired TV shows and movies one of the most consistent challenges is doing the characters justice. Things that work in books or comics often don’t translate well to live action, further complicated by the constant balancing of the expectations of different sets of fans from the hardcore originals, current […]
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After the new #MsMarvel, now see an Egyptian Superhero

After seeing Marvel’s new Pakistani Ms. Marvel really impressed to see a genuine female superhero coming out of the middle east

#Cute #Superheroes Really too cool not to share #Kawai ^_^

Found this on DesignTaxi.com Really too good not to share. Wolverine & Hellboy coming out as my faves so far.

#R2BC Tuesday’s Good News Digest – Express Yourself

Been moved by some Pearl Jam today. Eddie Vedder and the boys have a habit of lifting my higher when I’m not paying attention so I thought I’d share this one today. Another great day for cheerful news, as Iran and the West seem to be making peaceful overtures to each other normal Iranians get […]
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Review: Injustice – Gods Among Us (PS3)

Video games have long been associated with comic books and superheroes. From City of Heroes, X-Men, Spiderman, Batman, Judge Dredd & Rogue Trooper video games have offered a possibly unique medium to translate our superhero dreams and put you in the driver’s seat. Unlike in movies, video games allow us to really give our favourite […]
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