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#R2BC Monday’s Good News Digest – Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

Well a weekend full of action into a week full of sunshine. A narrow win for England at Trent Bridge should make for an interesting Ashes Series Peace and smiles breaking out all over…


#Reasons2BCheerful Well here we are on Friday and a quick apology for missing yesterday. The ambition with this project is that there should be a blog each weekday but this is something I’m doing in my spare time; Sometimes life intrudes and I need to take a little care of myself. While I was away […]
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7 Days is all she wrote, a kind of ultimatum note

#Reasons2BCheerful Well Week 1 of my blog going out to the Big bad world of the internet. This is an idea that grew out of a frustration at some modern media, grew into something to do on my Facebook and after 1 week has likes, views and followers and mostly from people I haven’t met […]
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Free2Play not so free?

Having worked in the games industry and in particular around Free To Play (or Freemium, F2P or microtransaction) games theĀ  story that the Office of Fair Trading is to take a look into Mobile & iPad games where children have been running up large bills sometimes into the hundreds, if not thousands of pounds really […]
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First day like going to school

Well here we are on day 2 of Reasons2BCheerful going live and on the wider internet. This is still all a little daunting so please bear with me, and please remember if you have some good news, be brave enough to share it. While I know the massive increase in organ donation in the UK […]
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