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#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews

Tesla’s 1st Mass Market Model Project helping bring Crickets back from Edge of Extinction NHS plans to recruit 1000s of Mental Health Workers Hot Air Balloon Record Broken Vancouver Indigenous Fastion Week Biggest Ever Nottingham Pride Parade India’s largest Heroin Bust Robot Cracks Safe Live on Stage Irish Navy rescues 109 Migrants off Libyan Coast […]
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#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews

Short and Sweet today. 🙂 First Aid in Weeks reaches Stranded Refugees Human Chain rescues Woman in Maryland HMRC wins Battle against Film Tax Avoidance Schemes Hidden Degas Portrait Discovered Geologists find evidence of Chinese Megaflood Zika Vaccines show Early Promise Superman Debut Comic reaches almost $1m ‘Mayhem’ wins Anti-Hack Competition in Las Vegas £1m […]
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#R2BC Tuesday’s #GoodNews

As some may know we’re big ol’ nerds here at Chez Nomad. From video games, to comic books, sci-fi to fantasy, roleplaying to wargaming it’s all fair game. While we see amazing things happening with both DC and Marvel as a fan of many webcomics I know there are some amazing artists and writers out […]
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What the Blazers!? Help #SaveConstantine!

With the popularity of comic book inspired TV shows and movies one of the most consistent challenges is doing the characters justice. Things that work in books or comics often don’t translate well to live action, further complicated by the constant balancing of the expectations of different sets of fans from the hardcore originals, current […]
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Awesome! #Miyazaki retired from #Anime but back doing #Manga

The master at work!