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#R2BC Wednesdays Good News Digest – Did you remember to wave?

Well I hope everyone remembered to smile on Friday Night as Cassini took some images of Saturn’s rings and the Earth photobombed. As a team from a British university work on a plan for a manned mission to Mars, 73 Burmese political prisoners celebrate a more down to earth kind of freedom.Check-out some more reasons […]
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#R2BC Tuesday’s Good News Digest – Flying Fabulously under the Radar

Listening to Radio 4 this morning heard about trident nuclear deterrent concerns, reports about how the NHS was concealing results on bad hospitals, looking on the BBC news website I saw this little headline you may not of heard about but it made me smile… SAME SEX MARRIAGE BILL PASSES LORDS. SHOULD BE LAW BY […]
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#R2BC – Friday’s Good News Digest

Welcome to the weekend folks. Here’s somethins a little daft to go along with the sunshine. Cricketers trying to hit clay pigeons with cricket balls. Peace in Burma, Synthetic blood research gets a step closer to clinical trials, HIV vaccine trials are starting in London. Lots to sing and dance about.

#R2BC Tuesday’s Good News Digest

Welcome to Tuesday. This day in history sees both Lindburgh & Earhart completing the first transatlantic flights. So who knows where today might take us 🙂

#R2BC UK officially a more peaceful place to live

Well it’s Hump Day, the day that should make everything easier as the weekend breaks the horizon. Today’s news sees the announcement that violent crime rates in the UK have dropped by over 20% in the last 5 years and murder rates have dropped by HALF in the last 10. And I have to say […]
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