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#R2BC Wednesday’s #GoodNews

If you read the other parts of SiliconNomad, other than R2BC, you’ll likely be aware of my passion for Tough Mudderin’. With that in mind, the thought of someone crossing the Sahara Desert, on Crutches, is breathtaking. There are genuinely some super humans out there. Cuba Pardons 787 Inmates after Pope’s Call for Mercy BBC […]
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#R2BC Wednesday’s #GoodNews -SPACE

Sometimes #R2BC isn’t just about positive news but the sort of stories that humble and amaze. The recent explosion of a meteor over the Atlantic is just one such story. As we send up a 3D Printer to the ISSĀ and dream of what we create in micro gravity and reach out into the universe, sometimes […]
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#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews – Non pascentur, quod Troglodytae

Tough one today, but I think it’s important to highlight people taking personal responsibility. You’ve probably seem all the news concerning Jeremy Clarkson’s fall from grace at the BBC. As a result of the BBC’s decision idiots on the internet started sending threats to members of BBC staff including the unfortunate victim of the assault, […]
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#R2BC Wednesday’s #GoodNews – Doctor Doctor

Well as the song goes, “Doctor, Doctor, Give me the News!”, there’s plenty going on in the world of medicine with – A look at pioneering Cancer treatments A possible breath test to diagnose Parkinsons Disease An innovative programme used for Stroke Victims helping to give an attack victim her life back Even a prosthetic […]
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#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews – Want Moore

Some stunning stories today, so it’s a little difficult to pick a favourite. One thing that has definitely made me smile, though not something I’d usually list, is a look at the teams for the 6 Nations. The reason for the nod? Well for once, with the competition starting this week, there is a a […]
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#R2BC Tuesday’s #GoodNews – Ride Along

Sometimes it’s hard to find positive stories, and sometimes it’s hard to pick the best story from the positive news I find. Today, I’m having no such problem. As we have seen from the recent news about the CIA, it is often true, that when faced with a threat one of the victims quickly becomes […]
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#R2BC Wednesday’s #GoodNews – Many Happy Re-Cerns

ARM creates new OS CERN at 60 US & Brazil resolve cotton dispute UK legalises music, film and e-book back ups Spanish potholer rescued after 12 days trapped underground Girl receives 3D Printed prosthetic hand Wild Ape Culture caught on camera Norway best for elderly according to Global AgeWatch Panama opens biodiversity museum California imposes […]
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#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews – That’s Unexpected

Apologies for the recent absences, between job interviews and looking after the family I’ve had little time for Reasons to be Cheerful. Looking through the stories from the last few days I had a very pleasant surprise. So often the Middle-East is the source for so much of the apparent sadness in the world. But […]
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#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews – Still Open

For lovers of classic comedy Still Open All Hours has been commissioned for a full series by the BBC. Why not check out the first episode of the original show with comic giant Ronnie Barker here: This classic show brought me much laughter and it coming back for a new series is brilliant news. In […]
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Virtual #Tardis Tour #SaveTheDay

Virtual #Tardis Tour #SaveTheDay Take a tour of the Tardis!