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#R2BC Wednesday’s #GoodNews

Now, stories of heroic rescues don’t often make it to my favourite story of the day. I do love hearing about heroic rescues, but stories with a wider impact on the world tend to shift them down the list. However, hearing how a mother used the her Smartphone to save her baby is simply brilliant. […]
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#R2BC Monday’s Good News Digest – Delivering some Smiles

Coming across Banksy’s new project in New York definitely made me smile. As someone who has lived in both Bristol & London I’ve been privileged enough to see a wide variety of Banksy’s work and it pretty much all makes me grin, especially seeing this every day on the way to work for a few […]
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A Moment of Peace from Banksy

A Moment of Peace from Banksy British Grafiti Artist Banksy takes a delivery truck to bring a garden of peace and tranquility to New York