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#R2BC Tuesday’s #GoodNews

Significant Roman Silver Hoard found in Scotland UK Babies to be Vaccinated against Liver Disease like Hepatitis B HIV Tests when registering with a GP may Lead to Earlier Diagnosis Australian Budget Bot wins Amazon Robotics Challenge Classic Pop Vidoe recreated in Augmented Reality £8m Research Fund for Belfast University Less Scary Anti-Crime Posters Elephants […]
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#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews

Of a huge anime fan the news about the Totoro park is great. However, the news about the massive drop in the death rate from diarrhoea is incredible. As something which has a huge impact on young children this increased survival rate is worth celebrating. Have a great weekend and enjoy these amazing news stories: Global […]
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#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews

Happy Monday folks.My favourite bit of news from the weekend? Well there are some amazing bits of science happening. However, there is just something about a man playing a Banana Piano for a good cause has definitely made me smile: Over 80 Chibok Girls reunited with their Families Human Blood Stem Cells grown in Lab for […]
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