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#R2BC Wednesday’s Good News Digest – More than the Eye Beholds

As Debenhams announces that it will start including size 16 mannequins in its window displays I saw the above, with a fashion shoot making active use of non-traditional models. It may not be the answer but with depression revealed as a leading cause of disability, a little truth about how we all REALLY look rather […]
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#R2BC Friday’s Good News Digest – Tastes likes Ashes (Different if you’re English)

Firstly, Massive CONGRATULATIONS to England’s Women Cricketers in sealing an Ashes double against Australia. A shakey start in the last 20/20 match but an outstanding 80 Not Out to grab victory with 6 balls in hand. As we make our way into the weekend the CBI announce that the UK recovery is gathering momentum. While […]
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#R2BC Tuesday’s Good News Digest – Getting better one step at a time

As an Englishman the news that the Ashes are back in British hands does make me smile. But I’d still like England to win the last 2 tests. :)Though as England grab the ashes the news has come in that the economy continues to grow. Things are getting better.

#R2BC Monday’s Good News Digest – Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

Well a weekend full of action into a week full of sunshine. A narrow win for England at Trent Bridge should make for an interesting Ashes Series Peace and smiles breaking out all over…