Home Stadium

– Azul Arena

Team Colours

– Navy Blue, Gold

Head Coach

– Kadrin Ironboot

Team Motto

– T’dr’duzk b’hazg t’t! (Today Is A Good Day For Someone Else To Die!)


While the Runic Wonders are new to the RIBBL, the franchise had been running for years near Karak Azul. As part of an exclusive deal to move the team to Karak Hirn, King Alrik has agreed to maintain the team’s traditional blue uniform and the grim faced fixture of Wonders’ head coach, Kadrin Ironboot. Despite needing to start with a new squad rumours indicate that he will continue to work to his previously established tactical strengths.

Following the failure of their experimental Dungeonbowl arena, and subsequent loss of their own team, ‘the Engineers’, the local Guild of Engineers have spared no expense when it comes to the construction and equipping of the new Azul Arena. Their finest stonemasons were heavily involved on designing the imposing exterior facade, replete with numerous carvings intended to invoke the favours of Grimnir, Grungni and Valaya. Inside the ground is no less ambitious, with repurposed Organ Guns deployed to fire team-themed smoke into the air as the teams emerge from their changing rooms – and occasionally to break up rioting fans. Following discussions with league officials the Guild has constructed an astrogranite play surface – a strategic decision which seems to play to the Wonders’ strengths of applying significant amounts of violence to any given situation.

While relatively recent additions to the RIBBL the Wonders have already made a name for themselves with decisive victories against the Cutthroats and Thagomizers. Star Runner Arnor Atlason has already made a name for himself becoming the central cog in the Wonder’s bruising offence, closely followed by controversial team captain, Troll Slayer, Logan who is never far from the heart of the action.


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