Blood Bowl

Welcome to the Homepage for the Relatively Insane Blood Bowl League (RIBBL)

As great fans of all sorts of games but particularly boardgames, wargames and roleplaying, not forgetting a passion for contact sports, a few great friends in Yorkshire started running a little Blood Bowl League and celebrating one of the greatest games ever produced by the folks at Games Workshop.
Here you’ll find fun news and stats from teams around the league.

What is Blood Bowl?

Blood Bowl is a Fantasy American Football Board game originally created by Jervis Johnson for Games Workshop back in late 1980s.
Starting off as a boxed set of cardboard pitch and players the game has grown to become one of the world’s most popular fantasy football board games where teams of Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves and more take each other on for the greater glory of their teams, the sport and the great god Nuffle.

Through the 2nd edition and its famed astrogranite pitch, through to the modern boardgame and having spawned 2 videogames by Cyanide and a management card game by Fantasy Flight Games Blood Bowl continues to grow inspiring the creation of new games such as Dreadball by Mantic and miniature companies around the world. No longer actively supported by Games Workshop the world of Blood Bowl, including yearly tournaments, is cared for by the NAF and coaches around the world and here at RIBB by a plucky handful of coaches.

Who are RIBBL?

The Relatively Insane Blood Bowl League started on the Isle of Yorkney back in the year 2011 with 6 teams vying for a little glory.
Today, the league continues to go from strength to strength with rumours of new sponsors, the growth of the Superb Owl and teams stretching the length and breadth of the Isle from the ice-caped peaks of the Helblade Mountains down to the shining towers of the coastal city of Edelburg. Find out more about the teams:-

Cursed Coast Cutthroats
– Edelburg Illuminati
Runic Wonders
– Rynn’s Crimsons
– Thag’s Thagomizers