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Wondering about getting #inked Images of tattoos as we get older

Wondering about getting #inked Images of tattoos as we get older Ever thought about going under the needle to get a tattoo but worried about how it may look as you get older?Some great images via @DesignTaxi of beautiful tattoos on older people.The beauty shines through along with the confidence and the smiles 🙂

@XKCD Choose your own adventure

@XKCD Choose your own adventure Great comic by XKCD 

#Music to raise a smile. Nice cover version of 99 Problems

Came across this watching Fright Night on Netflix. Great Blue Grass/Roots feel to this. Enjoy

@AnneWheaton blogs about “The Other Side of Depression”

@AnneWheaton blogs about “The Other Side of Depression” Blogs and social media, all to often, are the stomping grounds of those in pain looking for a voice or for someone to listen.Finding a blog about what it is like seeing depression from the outside, and what it is like to live with depression in your […]
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New Single from @Prof_elemental celebrate #Saturday #FTW

New Single from @Prof_elemental celebrate #Saturday #FTW Chaphop Champion Professor Elemental is back with a new single with Crespo celebrating the very best of the weekend. While more mainstream than the Professors notable offerings such as Cup of Brown Joy, Fighting Trousers & I’m British, Everyday’s a Saturday is fun with a smooth flow to ease […]
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Blast from the Past @2000AD #Comics previewing new Rogue Trooper!

Blast from the Past @2000AD #Comics previewing new Rogue Trooper! Like a great many geeks animation and comic books have been an active part of my childhood. With Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: Winter Soldier hitting the cinema soon we all know about Marvel & DC. Best known for their Judge Dredd franchise […]
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Helping keep deserts in check #Robotics

Helping keep deserts in check #Robotics Interesting article about a potentially inspired use of automation. The spread of deserts, particularly like the Sahara, swallows villages, homes, infrastructure and most importantly valuable farm land. These nomadic droids may not be the answer but they may well be part of the solution.

#AllNew look @SiliconNomad

New year and New Look for Silicon Nomad.1st Anniversary is coming up fast so time to move things up a gear. Please bear with us while we optimize the site, 

@SethLakemanNews #NewAlbum Soon Soooooooon

Following “Portrait of my Wife” have another glimpse of Seth’s upcoming album “Word of Mouth”. Best of luck at Celtic Connections Seth. Hope Glasgow treats you well.

A simple truth from @muskrat_john

Love this new cartoon from Dork Tower. The simple truth of a game…it should be fun. 😀