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#Elstree76 for an amazing look at the original #StarWars

A lovely and touching story about a crowdfunding project for a Star Wars movie with a difference. While some stars may have their feet up these stories give us a glimpse of much loved if little known stars. So checkout Elstree76, if only for the fact that even Greedo says Han Shot First.

#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews – Justice for All…Kinda :D

I have to admit a bit of a geekgasm today as Warner Bros announce a deal to make a Justice League Movie. However, if we’re looking for news of real superpowers then the fact that we are close to gene therapy being able to restore natural hearing is truly breathtaking. Justice League movie confirmed Gene […]
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#SciFi #FarscapeMovie in Script Stage!

If you’ve not seen Farscape then it’s definitely worth looking up on NetFlix. One of the most original sci-fi series with effects from Jim Henson’s Creature Workshop. The show that helped launch the careers of stars like Claudia Black a movie to celebrate the adventures of the Leviathan Moya and her crew has been long […]
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Modular Mobile becoming a Reality #Technology #Cellphone

For those who remember the Phonebloks idea that appeared last year. Googles Project Ara is in the prototype stages bringing tailor made mobiles to the masses.

Some victories ^_^ Another game on the completed list #FTW #Mario #NintendoHard

A session of d20 Modern going to plan and then putting a Super Mario game to the sword. Silly things that can give great pleasure.

A different perspective on violence & #videogames from @DavidLeeBBC

A different perspective on violence & #videogames from @DavidLeeBBC Very interesting article showing a link between violence & videogames in the most unexpected of places.Researchers found that frustration, aggression and violent urges were inspired by poor game design and that the content of the game, be it violent or not, had very little impact. An […]
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Safety in Numbers? The future of the password

Well with the hacking of Adobe, former News of the World editors on trial for phone hacking & further revelations of the activities of security services like the NSA passwords are firmly back in the news. From four figure pin numbers to complex alpha numerics used to safeguard bank accounts and e-mails have become closer […]
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@BattleSystemsTWS Taking #Tabletop to a different level

A rare occurence today. A random ad posted up in my Facebook feed actually coughed up something interesting and relevant. Now this is about wargaming and tabletop RPGs so if Videogaming is your thing…well watch the video as it’s damned interesting. I’ve been gaming for years, and few kids won’t have memories of playing with […]
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#Gaming via @Wired Meep-Meep ep-AH ep-AH Whoooooooosh Vrrrroooooooom The Art of the Speed Run

Interesting article from the folks at looking at the art of speed runs. This particular article looks at The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker but in an age of chivos, sandboxes and 100% completions the art of the speed run is a fascinating and mystical art all too familiar to classic platformer fans. […]
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#Xbox vs #Sony @PlayStation Console Wars – Should we be looking at a different battle?

This week has seen a awful lot of chatter around the latest round of the console wars. The early salvos have already been fired with Nintendo announcing a graceful bowing out of the fight in a Sega-esk manner to concentrate on games development over hardware as Xbox & Sony break out the brass knuckles. After […]
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