Last Week’s Top #R2BC 30th May

A National Lottery grant funded the exhibition. Image Via BBC

It’s always fun to see what catches people’s attention over the past week on Silicon Nomad. Especially as we’ve been spreading our net further to catch more international news. However, with that wider net, while it is easier to find interesting and positive stories, it is that much harder to pick a Top 5.

As you’re looking through these Top 5s have a think. Would you like to see…

  • Some honourable mentions of stories that didn’t make the Top 5
  • Your own Top 5 stories
  • Themed Top 5s if there is an important event on

Give it a thought and leave us a comment as you check out last week’s Top Reasons 2B Cheerful.

As Voted for by You:

  1. Lithium Sulfur Battery Breakthrough
  2. Historical European Martial Arts in Norwich
  3. The Millennium Falcon in Wales
  4. Peregrine Chick hatches at St Albans Cathedral
  5. New Big Wave Surfing Record

As Picked by the Team:

  1. Alewives return to China Lake for the first time since 1783
  2. Lasers could cut lifespan of nuclear waste from “a million years to 30 minutes,” says Nobel laureate
  3. Three survivors of Tulsa Race Massacre receive $1 million donation
  4. Pfizer will not sell drugs for profit in poor nations
  5. Native tribes celebrate Montana land ownership and bison range restoration

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But most importantly if seeing the positive news that usually gets buried is making you smile, or giving you hope, SHARE it. Tell people.

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