This Week’s Top #R2BC

It has been a while since I’ve stepped onto this page.
I have been making lots of plans over the past few years, about how to make Silicon Nomad and Reasons 2B Cheerful better. However, between pandemics, being a parent and other battles many things have fallen by the wayside. I have managed to keep R2BC going on Twitter and on Facebook. Now seems to be the right time to reawaken the site.

There is a new dedicated Facebook Page, Patreon and you can even Buy Me a Coffee.

There are plenty of new plans ahead and much that needs doing to get things up to scratch with things like logos etc. but getting the positive in the world out to as many people as possible is more important.

There will be more on the future plans to come and what you can hopefully do to help. However, as a bit of a new feature:

#R2BC’s Most Popular Stories of The Week:

  1. MIT engineers build load-bearing structures with tree forks instead of steel joints
  2. Historic North Walsham Buildings Unearthed in Photos
  3. Archive Sheds New Light on Tutankhamun Discovery
  4. Venice Museums Are Sending Supplies To Ukraine To Protect Its Art
  5. Makaton: Grandmother Wants lessons in Welsh Schools

#R2BC’s Most Important Stories of The Week:

  1. California Condor return to Redwoods after 100-years
  2. First pictures of the Milky Way’s Black Hole
  3. Researchers Uncover New Strategy to Avoid Immunotherapy Side Effects
  4. COVID Test Concept Imagines The World’s First 100% Recyclable, Biodegradable Kit
  5. Target LGBT Collaborations

That’s all for now. Be sure to check out the Facebook page and have your say on the most popular stories!
If you see a story you like, love or have to share, think about Buying Me a Coffee so I can do more.

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