#R2BC Changing Formats

Something’s Gotta Give

My Reasons to be Cheerful project has been running for nearly 5 years and, while I think I have proven an important point about editorial policies and news content, I have bills to pay and a family to look after. So I will be dropping the weekday digests.

What Happens Next?

This is NOT the end of R2BC. Over the past week, I have been experimenting with tweeting individual stories rather than producing a daily digest. This has resulted in a lot more activity on ‘Nomad feeds and more positive feedback. So, daily digests are clearly unpopular and just not an effective use of time.

So, I am switching to using my twitter feed more, with an aim to look at a weekly review/digest, as well as looking to spread the word as a guest blogger or on online news pages.

I also want to start writing about some more subjects that I am passionate about.

What Can We Do to Help?

If you’re reading this, please, leave me a comment or a like (nothing worse than thinking you are shouting into the void). Feedback REALLY helps.

I am, also, looking at starting at Patreon page to help with making ends meet.
Suggestions on what people would like to see on the page, donation levels or rewards are much appreciated.

Stay positive peeps!

PS Please remember to Subscribe, Like or Share 😉

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