#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews

Ten years ago I was lucky enough to work on a ground breaking project called Empire of Sports. It was a Sports Based MMORPG. While it never realised its full potential, one ambition was for skilled eSports Athletes to be able to play for real sports teams. An ambition that has started to become a reality with West Ham starting to hire eSports players and now the NBA helping video game makers 2K to create an eSports Basketball League.

While the growth and maturing of video games as a medium makes me smile. However, if there is a story that stands out for me it has to be the developing of Robotic Bees. While we should do everything we can to protect our natural pollinators, the development of tiny drones which could mimic the activities of bees and other pollinators is amazing.

Hoping you have a brilliant weekend.
Enjoy these positive news stories:

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