#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews

First of all, a VERY Happy Year of the Rooster to anyone who celebrated the Lunar New Year over the weekend.

There has been lots of anger and hate still flying around the internet and the world this weekend, but with despite all of the negativity we have seen breathtaking¬†stories of solidarity, and the generosity of the human spirit. Whether it’s AirBnB offering to help house people; Lawyers flocking to airports to work, for free, sat on the floor; or IKEA’s Refugee Shelter winning Awards.


Imprint of Hope (Picture via BBC)

If I have a favourite story today it has to be the work of Imprint of Hope in Baghdad. A city crisscrossed with Hescos, and concrete wall erected during the war or to help fight insurgents, Imprint of Hope are showing how messages and images of hope can make a difference. Great Work Guys!

If these stories help make you smile, and inspire you today, please remember to like and share them:

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