#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews

Okay, if you’re a regular follower on my twitter feed, then you will see that I am a little angry today. A little while a go a friend said to me that I should “f’-Off with the negative sh*t – aren’t you meant to be reasons to be cheerful.”

Now, in response I say this. I started this Blog not to deny that negative things happen. It’s not intended to blind us to the bad stuff, or to distract anyone from the fact that we have work to do to make this world a better place. It has and should never be a salve that says everything is okay, when it isn’t.

  • It is about HOPE
  • It is about challenging that myth that Positive is not Newsworthy
  • It is about knowing that WE can make the World Better
  • It is about realising that it’s not all bad
  • It is about reminding us that we are NOT Alone
  • It is about tell us that We Can Make a Difference
  • It is reminding us that Good Things Happen Everyday

On that note, while I doff my cap to the Alan Mackay-Sim on being named Australian of the Year, for his amazing work with spinal injuries and stem cells, the news about Volunteer Cuddlers has to be today’s winner.

Showing the difference that human contact can make, volunteers in the USA have been going to hospitals to hold the newborns suffering from being born with drug addictions. The calming presence of a hug, human warmth, soft caring whispers or singing has been seen to help the babies immensely.

So today, I dedicate these amazing stories to selfless volunteers and the brave folks at the US National Park Service & US Department of Defence:

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