#R2BC Thurday’s #GoodNews

Ever since the BBC used David Belle as part of an advertising campaign I have been fascinated by the art of Parkour (aka Freerunning):

Today, one of favourite stories is hearing of Freerunning’s acceptance as a sport. From the estates of Northern Paris to the world state of sport, movies and video games the thing I love about Parkour is the philosophy of precision and finding new ways to experience the world around us. While it’s the BIG jumps that make it on to the news, YouTube and the big screen, it’s the little precision jumps that make the art what it is.

The other great story warming my heart is about Super Kitchens springing up in Nottinghamshire. Social eating spaces helping to bring people together, fight isolation and reduce food waste. At university I heard about the idea of “social death” that can affect so many of us. The isolation where we become cut off from the world to the extent that our passing would go unnoticed. It’s a horrible feeling that can, especially, affect the elderly with feeling that leave a bitter note at the end of life. So, seeing something that is helping fight not only food waste but loneliness and existential dread is definitely a good thing.

Hoping you are surrounded by those you hold dear and that these stories help brighten your day. If they do, please remember to like and share the Positive News.


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