#R2BC Tuesday’s #GoodNews

Hail & Welcome To 2017

Welcome to all, whether you’re a returning fan, or new to Reasons to be Cheerful. I hope everyone is fully recovered from the New Year celebrations. 2016 was packed full of Good News and Positive Stories and we are hoping that the trend continues in 2017.

If you are new to this blog there are some things I need to mention.
We don’t deny that bad things happen or that some of the peace talks etc. we list fail. However, you can look on any news site, watch any TV News show or pick-up any newspaper and be presented with the worst the world has to offer. This blog is not about deny that bad things happen, it’s about reminding us that there is good news and it deserves more attention. There will, inevitably, be human interest stories, but we do try to list as many stories or national and international import as possible.

Next, is that Silicon Nomad is UK based and this does flavour the news we highlight (Especially when it comes to Sports). However, if you are based in another part of the world and would like to, send us a story you’ve seen, help us find good news stories or even start submitting/sharing stories from your part of the world, we would heartily encourage it.

The news is mostly pulled from the BBC News Site, for reasons of ease, access and the good reputation of the journalists at the BBC. Anyone can say that a story is good, happy or positive, at Silicon Nomad we want the evidence to back it up.

Currently, Silicon Nomad and R2BC are primarily a solo effort. As a freelance writer I don’t getting lots of/any money for this. Now, with a young family this means that there are days I won’t be able to post and I can’t promise to publish at an exact time everyday. The idea is to make a difference and make the world a little brighter.

Your support & feedback do matter (there’s nothing worse than seeing negativity all around and feeling you’re shouting out into the ether); there is a  genuine hope that the stories make your life a little easier and raise a few smiles.

What’s the News?

Some appropriately grand stories to start off 2017.
Today’s favourite?  Pictures from the Petit Palais in Paris, from their exhibition showing art and artifacts of historic peace making from the French National Archives. Some amazingly beautiful examples of the art of diplomacy.


Image Credited to Frederic De La Mure/Maedi taken from the BBC News Site

So here’s to a new day and a new year!
Hoping that you get a smile from the stories below.

Remember to share them or just share some good news with the people around you.

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