#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews

As a sci-fi and fantasy fan, I know I am not alone, in feeling a little frustrated in how slow my favourite genres have been to keep pace with social change. It’s ironic that genres which, so often, give us the ability to explore sensitive social issues can so often drag their feet on issues of race, gender, sexuality and equality of their protagonists. Well with Star Wars: The Force Awakens taking a lead, and Star Wars: Rogue One keeping the banner flying it appears that the new Star Trek Series will have a female lead.

I know the above may seem unimportant to some but sometimes it’s the little steps that start the bigger avalanches and reveal what is possible. Notably, at this year’s Olympics, much will likely be said about various record breakers and gold medal winners but for me the Bronze medal of Max Whitlock, breaking a 108-Year drought for all-around gymnastics is more than worthy of note.

Go Boldly, young sir, Go Boldly.

Hoping these Positive Stories help get you through the day.

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