#R2BC Tuesday’s #GoodNews

With today seeing the inauguration of of the Stonewall Inn, as a US National Monument to LGBTQ Rights, the two stories that jump out for me are the US Supreme Court overturning draconian Anti-Abortion Law in Texas and the work of video games in allowing us to explore complex and often serious issues around human sexuality.

As someone who has worked in the video games industry it is always great to read about the innovations in technology, the good that games like Little Big Planet for people with conditions like autism, puzzle games helping with the study and treatment of PTSD, and much more. It is easy to get caught up in myths around sexuality, and we often fear what we don’t understand. As we struggle with education, and media give us unrealistic views of beauty, intimacy and relationships the ability to explore issues through games is inspired. To break taboos with humour and without needing to resort to sexual imagery is a welcome find. This is especially true when a game like Le Petit Mort.

Here’s hopeing Tuesday leaves you inspired, smiling and unflustered. 🙂

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