#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews

Followers on Twitter or Facebook may well have seen my feeds go dark for a few days. Being based in the UK, the EU referendum result took myself and many others by surprise and it’s taking time to get over the shock.The dust is starting to settle a little bit here in the UK, and as a great believer in the power of love it’s been an amazing few days for the cause of understanding, equality and LGBTQ rights.

From the Pope saying the Church should apologise for it’s treatment of homosexuals, that the US military intends to lift its ban on transgender personnel, and that we live in a society where police officers feel safe enough to publicly propose to their partners and a government minister can announce, with pride, that they’re in a same-sex relationship.

However, possibly the most important piece of news about peace, love and understanding is the re-establishment of diplomatic ties between Israel and Turkey. In a time of incredible international tension, with conflicts on their doorsteps, it’s good to see that there is hope for diplomacy.

Enjoy these stories, and I hope they help you find the strength to get through today:

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