#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews

Okay, not going to lie, today is a tough one. I was up most of last night watching the EU Referendum result and I am more than a little hear broken. However, this is a positive space, a good news space and if I have learnt anything in the last 3 years it’s that there is always something good happening somewhere.

So, how to take this forward?

  • It’s Friday and there’s a weekend coming
  • This too shall pass
  • We have no one left to blame. Whatever happens we now have to take responsibility for it and move forward
  • After at least a generation of people in the UK not caring about politics and seeing it as disjointed from their lives, we now have an active discussions, lively debates and proof that voting matters and has real effects on peoples lives.
  • It has highlighted the role played by the press and is getting us talking about what “Fair and Balanced” actually means
  • There is good news

So, where to next? While the UK and EU start divorce proceedings Colombia is celebrating the end of 50 Years of armed conflict. It’s a story that I have been following closely since I started writing Reasons to be Cheerful and like most good things the path hasn’t been a smooth one. I am reminded of the Good Friday Agreement and the changes we have seen in Northern Ireland and looking to the future what peace in Colombia can mean to stability in South America and the rest of the world.

As someone who has studied philosophy, the news of a discovery that some genes come to life after death and we may have to change how we define death and reminds us of how much we still have to learn.

So, if you’re finding things difficult today please share these and let’s work for something better:

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