#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews

If you’re a regular reader, of Reasons2BCheerful, then you know how passionate I am about Positive News. This is something I started, to see if I could find a positive, good, news story for 2 weeks. 3-Years on and we’re still here. There are times when it gets very hard, you wade through the tide of negativity and, when you suffer with depression, it can take its toll. So, today I see that Associated Press’ Positive News Story of the Week is a Koala Kit at San Diego Zoo. So, after a hard week slogging through to find the positive, especially hard after Orlando, I see this and am left thinking WT Actual F!

So here are my positive stories for today.
Have a great weekend, I’m not sure to be saddened or overjoyed that I can do better than the Associated Press:

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