#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews


When you see news relating to a tragedy, like the events in Orlando, it can be hard to look for positive news or raise a smile. If I take inspiration from the events in Florida, it’s seeing the pictures of people queuing, in the sweltering heat and humidity, at Blood Drives to donate, a little of themselves, to support emergency services and survivors.  It’s also remind myself, that even in little ways I can make the world a better place, highlighting the messages of support for the LGBTQ community; that as a parent that I can, do my best, to raise my children as intelligent, caring and tolerant human beings; and as a writer to show that the world is not a place of darkness and that we all have the power to make things better.

Today’s picture is from Reuters’ Twitter Feed, from the celebrations at Kiev’s Pride March, which passed peacefully for the 1st time. Yes, there were Police and there was a counter march by a far right group. However, there was no violence. Not perfect but definitely progress.

For all those who want to use Florida as a chance to brand all Muslims bad, here’s a story about Pakistani farmers, who happen to be Muslims, clubbing together to build their Christian neighbours a Church.

So here’s my good news for the day, I heartily encourage everyone to do something positive. 🙂

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