#R2BC Wednesday’s #GoodNews

Now, stories of heroic rescues don’t often make it to my favourite story of the day. I do love hearing about heroic rescues, but stories with a wider impact on the world tend to shift them down the list. However, hearing how a mother used the her Smartphone to save her baby is simply brilliant.

There are a variety of personal assistant apps out there OK Google, Siri and Windows’ Cortana, but I doff my hat to a mum who could have been frozen in panic by her baby in danger but had the presence of mind to use the phone’s Voice Dialing.

Coming in a close second is the Director of GCHQ giving a surprise interview at the Cheltenham Science Festival. Over the past few years we have seen various scandals about signals intelligence and a growing fear of Big Brother style mass surveillance from bodies such as the NSA. So  for the head of such an organisation to come out and help provide a little more transparency is great to see. 🙂

Use your technology for something good and share some good news today:

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