#R2BC Tuesday’s #GoodNews

Well, it’s a sunny day and GCHQ has joined twitter. Now, in terms of transparency and humanising the intelligence community this is, kind of, good news. However, it’s the fact that in their 1st 4 tweets that they decided to show support for Stonewall UK and the International Day Against Homophobia that has me grinning. In more good news for the Trans community, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has stated that he will be fighting for Transgender Rights and will be back at Montreal Pride this year. Last of my favourite picks for today is about Polio. With all the concern around the Zika virus and the worry about Ebola last year etc. I thought that this health win was especially important, so here’s hoping that Pakistan’s Anti-Polio Campaign is a success. 🙂

For more good news, check out the links below:

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