#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews

A couple of pieces of overdue sporting recognition from the weekend. Not Andy Murray’s win against Novak Djokovic, as you might expect, but on sports a little closer to my heart. Firstly, rugby success for Scotland in the Paris Sevens. Scottish rugby has spent a good few years in the wilderness, with the Six Nations wooden spoon haunting the dreams of Scottish fans. However, with a brilliant display at last year’s World Cup, a solid performance at this year’s 6 Nations and not a Sevens win in Paris here’s hoping to see Scotland continuing to grow in strength. The second is the growth of professional gaming; by this I’m not talking about the realm of card sharks, or the sport of kings but the skills of digital warriors from Star Craft, Warcraft, Call of Duty, and FIFA. Knowing the time, effort and skill required of top players and audiences in the millions eSports has growth to the point where there is now an official governing body.

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